Saturday, June 17, 2017

PURE Accelerate 2017.

I've just returned from San Francisco where I attended PURE Accelerate 2017.

Pure is one of those newer disruptive technologies which is using technical advances in storage and networking to take a bit out of traditional tech behemoths like EMC and HP just like EMC and HP did to IBM twenty years previous.

They're edgy.

One of their co-founders is known for only wearing what is outside my dress-code for normal my work from home outfits - solid colored t-shirts, basketball shorts and sneakers. He wears this same outfit everywhere. Even on stage in front of thousands at PURE Accelerate 2017.


They went out of their way to prove how edgy they are by reusing a former steel factory on the San Francisco water-front on a part of town where the Joker and The Penguin would normally house their lair for the conference.

The building was a shell.  No working plumbing, electrical etc. But it had big empty spaces that PURE filled with the usual conference do-dads. Vendor exhibitions, presentation rooms constructed of orange shipping containers, a room large enough to hold the key note with the largest video screen I've ever seen.

Super edgy.

It's cool.

But edgy comes at a cost.

  • All the electrical power was furnished by generator.
  • The rest room facilities were those high end portable jobs. 
  • The dining was all outdoors under the blue Californian sky. 
  • Food Trucks!
Actually the eating outside was kind of cool. 

But as an East Coast guy I was amazed that "what if it rains" never even occurred to them. 

Technically what these guys are doing with storage is amazing however. I got an update on the their newer flash blade technology. They are basically taking apart SSD drive technology and spreading it across a highly distributed multi-path architecture. 

Amazingly I only understood this after an afternoon double-espresso. I think PURE uses espresso the way the Grateful Dead used acid. One sip and suddenly you understand. 

Good conference and tow-days was just long enough. 

I was reminded how much I love San Francisco. There is just something about that chilly air and bright sunshine that seems perfect. I think most of the people that live there are nuts but I love the town. They all look like or want to look like bike messengers. I guess that's OK but the town is just beautiful with the hills against the picturesque bay.  

Since I was mostly still on East Coast time, I was up early. I mean still dark early. So I walked Market street to he water both mornings and loved it. The 53 degree air had a chill but after walking a bit I warmed right up. 

Just like it's impossible to get a bad meal in Italy, it's impossible to take a bad picture of San Francisco, especially in the early morning. 

I did notice a smell that reminded my of school bus rides in High School and smelling it reminded me where I had left a pack of smokes in 11th grade. They were in the bushes at the corner of Farnsworth and South Central.  

The whole experience had been reinforced because I was making my way through "Long Strange Trip", the Amazon documentary on the Grateful Dead.  And that suddenly made sense to me too. San Francisco is the culture it is today because of the Grateful Dead. They didn't necessarily start it or end it, but they did push it into the forefront of culture. 

Anyway I was thinking that what does PURE do next year to be edgy? I mean after you've had a conference at a compound that looked like a Zombie Apocalypse refuge,  where do you go form there? It's not like next year you go to Caesars in Vegas. 

Here's my idea:

A burning man like Storage experience in the desert. Everyone can wear wacky costumes except of the basketball shorts wearing co-founder - he can wear a suit.

On the final night they burn down a giant EMC VMAX made of sticks. 

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