Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bowie Memories.

My first David Bowie Memory is from Jr High School. A group of older kids, mostly girls from High School were hanging out at the Kindergarten Alcoves at Loomis school one Saturday afternoon. I remember I had on my jean jacket with all the cool patches on it: The zig-zag man, a "Cocaine" patch fashioned like a Coca-Cola Ad, etc.

The discussion turned to Bowie and how he was now "a girl". Which I simply found confusing. I didn't really know Bowie. I'm sure I had heard his music but it didn't stick out - yet.

Second Bowie Memory was later in Sr High as a freshman. Mike DeSanto was telling us how "this Bowie song had Wham-Bam-Thank-You-maam" in it. Then we heard it in school. I'm not sure how we heard it but we were in class room and we stood silently, listening, straining to hear the magic line which as I'm sure you are aware today, comes at the end. What seemed like hours passed and then we were giggling like the Teen Aged  boys we were at the time.

Third is the Glass Spider tour in '87, Veterans Stadium, Philly.

Four of us had a house in Sea Isle City for the summer and up the street was an analogous house of girls who had tickets for the Philly shows. The girls invited some of us to drive up from the shore to the Vet to see the show - no big deal.

After the show we were walking back the car and were at the corner of Broad and Pattison and we were waiting there for some reason.

There was a clearly super-intoxicated man stumbling west on Pattison and headed east was group of Bro's from NE Philly clearly up for anything.

You could tell they were going to intersect and something was going to happen.

Look left- Bros. Look Right - drunk guy. left Bros. Right drunk

The two met nearly right in front of us and one of the Bros reached back and sucker-punched the west-bound traveler who collapsed like a cheap card table. The Bros laughed and moved on.

I remember how the drunk guy's head sort of bounced off the concrete and back down.

He laid there for a  few minutes and we were sort of standing around uncomfortably deciding if we should help him when a Philly cop came up and approached the still unconscious man.

I know I was thinking "OK good, now the guy can get some help".

The cop bent slightly over, took out his night stick and poked the guy in the side saying "Hey buddy, you OK?" - just like they taught him at the academy. Twice.

Eventually, the guy woke, got up and ran behind some bushes at the Broad Street line station and puked. We never saw him again.

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