Friday, October 09, 2015

How I spent my 26th wedding Anniversary.

"Are you taking Wednesday off?" I was asked.

Wednesday would be our 26th wedding anniversary and I had a close to clear calendar at work so it seemed a good idea to me too, especially given that the weather in the Philadelphia are was predicted to particularly California like Wednesday.

It would be dramatic comparison  to how much our lives had changed in the 11 years since I last documented it. I swear that everything below is true.

It was 7:30 by time I rolled out of bed and took care of Shadow our 15 plus year old Schnauzer. 15 years in Schnauzer time is more like 86 years in human time and so Shaddy is having some issues. I carried her out so she could pee on her own. She has vestibular disease and has good days and bad days. The way she maneuvered around the pool to make her way to the grass made me believe today was going to be a good day.

Got up and took a shower.

I made myself some Italian Roast coffee in the Keurig.  My goodness I love that Kuerig. It makes a perfect cup of rich dark goodness every. single. day. Today's cup was consistent.

I sat on the deck, in a comfy chair listening to the pool gurgle in the early morning. I read the newspaper on the iPad. I leisurely checked Facebook and twitter.

At 8:15, the Chancellor got and went to an exercise class at her gym.

At about 8:30 I decided that I needed to look for that blasted replacement  part of the Polaris pool cleaner. We had a week of open pool left and the Polaris snapped off the quick disconnect yesterday. Amazon would take over week to get me a new D-29 UWF and that wasn't going to help. I just knew I kept the old one and it was in the shed which was a mess. This is a consistent problem. I have a tendency to be a pack rat and then decide to clean up and throw something out - right before I need it thereby reinforcing the need to keep junk around. It's a viscous cycle.

Time to clean out the shed. At 9 I checked out a previously scheduled webcast on Five Ways Cloud Can Transform Your Business. It was boooooring. I half listened and checked out movie times for later. We wanted to see the Intern as close to Center City Philly as possible.

After the webcast was over I finished cleaning out the shed. It is simply amazing how much space you can get back by organizing. That is a good feeling. It was somehow rewarding to make sure the hammock had a spot hung on the wall and all the pool floatee things went in an empty plastic container. I had retarded the entropy of the universe and if felt good.

I did not find a used D-29 UWF quick disconnect for a Polaris. Oh well. Time for a new one. I called my favorite pool store and surprise! they had one. Today was going to be a good day. 10 something dollars on the debit card and I was headed home.

I decided to call into a previously scheduled meeting at 1 and rebuilt the Polaris at the same time. A win-win.

After a quick shower and change into jeans and shirt, we were headed to Philly.

We had been wanting to try a new Italian restaurant in center city. Someone had stolen the Chancellor's idea and simply uprooted an Italian "bar" and planted it, whole cloth, in Philly. Oh they added a full kitchen as well since your typical Italian bar is only a tiny place where the neighborhood meets for espresso and a cornetto.

We got a table outside (California!).

We had a relaxing early dinner right on Chestnut street with the city moving around us and after dinner delightfully tried some Raspicello and Peachcello, cousins to our favorite Limoncello.

Since it is authentic, Europeans seemed to gather there and for a moment we really didn't know we were still in Philly when a couple from Albania sat near us.

Delightful. Relaxing.

After dinner we made our way over to a tiny theater just off Rittenhouse Square.  I had no idea there were still theaters that showed first run movies in center city since most of the old theaters had been converted to Apartments or knocked down long ago. We were early. Of course. It was the perfect day after all.

The theater was more like a very long living room with a flat screen TV at the end. It was perfect. It was so - not a giant 57 screen mega complex off the jog handle.

After the movie my only regret of the entire day was not sitting at the open air bar right next to the theater after we got out.

We drove home to make sure Shad was OK and fell asleep watching the ABC line up of comedies.


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