Saturday, July 04, 2015


Chris Squire's passing last week marks the end of an era with the progressive rock band Yes who I've followed since I was 14. They were my first concert in June of 1975.

With that here are my favorite Yes tunes.

  1. Starship Trooper - The Yes Album - First glimmers of what Yes could be with Steve Howe on Guitar. My Best Memory Driving of the song around Center City Philadelphia in Mark MacCleary's 1972 Ford Station Wagon that had the 100W car stereo with attached  Home Stereo speakers. The Guitar call and response at the end came just as we hit City Hall. This might have something to do with today's tinnitus 
  2. Close to the Edge - Close to the Edge - I recall taking the album out of the sleeve for the first time and seeing no song breaks. Whoa - The song takes the whole side but somehow has as many movements as a traditional LP recording. 
  3. America - Yesterdays - Another early one with Wakeman but not released until 72 on an Atlantic Sampler called the The New Age of Atlantic but I never heard it until I bought Yesterdays in 1976. 
  4. South Side of the Sky - Fragile - Classic lineup of Anderson Howe Bruford Squire and Wakeman. One can almost picture Wakeman-in-a-cape jumping to a lower set of keyboards on stage. 
  5. Heart of the Sunrise - Fragile - The beginnings of the epic length Yes song 
  6. Going for the One - Going for the One - A fun romp proving they are back. Wakeman is back too. After a break of three years with no real new material GFTO came out while I was stationed at Memphis TN in the USN.
  7. The Gates of Delirium - Relayer - or as Steve Howe says it re-LAY-er. Clearly one that grew on me since I wasn't a big fan at first but then for a few months had it on loop in my 1972 walkman/VM Bug with 40 W of Stereo in a small space. Again tinnitus
  8. Wonderous Stories - Going for the One - The only Anderson song that tactfully makes some sort of sense. 
  9. Awaken - Going for the One - A brief  return to the Epic length at 10 Min. 
  10. Perpetual Change - The Yes Album - A Jon Anderson/Chris Squire special. I once dreamed I could sing like Anderson until I realized he was 4 foot 6 leprechaun.

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