Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Music - An Analysis.

If I hear Andy Williams sing "Happy Holidays" one more time... I am going to have to hurt someone.

Doesn't it feel this way around the Holidays when the local Radio Stations switch to their annual Holiday music format? Doesn't it seem like they play the same 10-20 songs over and over and over again?

Well thanks to one local station's "playlist" web page I was able to perform an analysis of exactly how many Holiday plays were performed by WOGL, Philadelphia's CBS affiliate.

In the end there were 8,154 overall "Holiday" plays between 6 AM on the 26th of November 2014 and Midnight Christmas night averaging 271 plays per 24 hour period midnight to midnight.

Your guesses on the top ten?

So you had - at best - a 1.85 % chance to hear Band Aid "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

But what about artists that have multiple Holiday "hits", you say?

Some surprises to me here, like Darlene Love outplayed Bing Crosby (188) when Bing is counted as a solo artist. (When you consider Bing with other Artists his number shoots to 320 plays. good enough for second on the list)

What about Frequency per day? The winner there is Whitney Houston with "Do You Hear What I Hear?" played 8 times on a commercial free Christmas day (400 overall plays that day).

Speaking of Whitney....

A couple of notes.

1. WOGL refrains from Holiday Music on Sundays 9-midnight.
2. They do sneak non-Holiday music in there once in awhile.
3. The Beatles do not break the 220 holiday playlist.

Up next. How old are these songs?
Dead or alive, the Holiday music drinking game.

Complete Data set here.

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