Saturday, August 16, 2014


It's the kind of car that makes you put on a Greek Fisherman's cap, turn on Sinatra, get in the left lane and drive 55 MPH to Atlantic City. Turn up the Sinatra to make the honking go away. It's the kind of car you don't mind driving into South Philadelphia because, well, it blends right in. It's The kind of car that needs a name like Buster or Big Ed. It's the kind of car you where you don't mind edging out a late model BWM 7 series on the Vine Street merge into the Schuylkill.

Meet EDY the 2000 Buick Regal LS. Sometimes cars like this just name themselves and since EDY is part of eh NJ license plate.....

I've never owned an American car since the Granada  But when Mom was getting a new car and we needed a car for Youngest Son to go to school, it was the perfect fit. Mom needed to get rid of it, I needed a car.

The plan was for Youngest Son to drive the Buick but after a few trips I noticed he had an affinity towards "The Van", an early 2000's Honda Odyssey so I started driving the Buick.

Then a funny thing happened. I loved it. Maybe it's my age and the Gran Touring suspension. Maybe its all the electronic features like the warning bell for having left your turn signal on too long or the Monsoon Audio. (What the hell is Monsoon Audio?).

You can not drive this car fast. The leather seats absorb you and you just want to drive 5 MPH under the speed limit. I now get it.

Oh it has some quirks, any car this age will.

  • No gas gauge. You have to estimate how much is left on a full tank by mileage. Imagine the fun when the battery dies and wipes out the trip odometer!
  • It's like software engineers went a little nuts in there, because well, the could. Turn the car off with the doors closed and the radio stays on. Keep the lights off and they automatically come on BUT if you turn the lights on they do not automatically turn them off, thereby wiping out the battery and erasing the trip odometer so you no longer know how much gas is left. 
  • There is a trunk release on the remote but not one in the interior of the car. 
  • The remote opens the door but won't lock them.
Meet EDY

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