Saturday, October 26, 2013

Seasonal Changes.

The frost is literally on the pumpkin this morning.

I love the changing of the seasons even if it means getting chilly. Here in southern NJ the change is so highly predictable, you could almost bet cash money when the first frost will be. You win if you had today.

Colder air also means the local wildlife are searching for a warm cozy place to settle in and here that means mice. I noticed some telltale signs around the kitchen earlier but when they went after my Pepperidge Farms Pumpkin Cheesecake soft cookies, this meant war.

I found the bright orange cookie bag chewed through one work morning in the corner carousel cabinet in the kitchen. They also chewed through a old packet of Pat O'Brien's Hurricane mix the Oldest Son's old girl friend gave us after an internship in New Orleans.  Imagine the little creature's disappointment when they couldn't find rum.

How did they even get in there? There were no holes in the brand new cabinets and the mix and cookies were on the second shelf, a 5 story climb or jump in mice scale.

When you have to have a cookie, a guess you can perform super-mouse like type actions.

There is only one way to take care of this. Wet work. so I left everything as is and set one of those simple mouse traps on a paper plate. (Gee Mr Giotti why is there a plastic tarp back here in the back seat?)

Sure enough, the lure of Pumpkin Cheese cake cookies was too much and he returned.

The trap was mercifully quick but left his little face looking up at me with those big eyes staring blankly. I will never forget.

It had to be done.
This also means the sure end of garden tomato season. They've been growing through September and October but they have looked cracked and split so no one ate them.

Stupid mouse. There were plenty of tomatoes out there, why didn't you go after those? No, you had to reach for the top shelf and the Hurrricanes and Cookies. Well, I hope you partied like Katrina was baring down on you.

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