Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Heat Is On

Miami Vice Season 2 Logo sm.jpg
Jan Hammer and Michael Mann would proud of the place

Its beach week in Ocean City again and the ladies have chosen a home that perfectly emulates the period 1985-1988 through art, furniture and thermal fax machines. The only thing missing is an 8 foot chained up alligator named Elvis but I'm pretty sure Ocean City would frown on that.

Miami Vice Blues Glass.jpg
From the white enamel coffee table and "entertainment center" complete with Sony Trinitron (a word blogger spell check choked on) and VHS tapes to the blue colored sink and toilet this place has made me feeling 30 years younger.

It all makes me watch Scarface over and over because it looks exactly like a place a friend rented in Longport in 1986. It rained all that weekend and we were stuck in the house watching Scarface (on VHS) on loop like a 2 year old with "Toy Story". "Say halllo to my lillltle fwiend". The women left us. It got ugly. Rewind. Play it again.

All this has the Sons asking about the days of Miami Vice. Daddy, what does "Fax" mean? (it's short for facsimile, of course)

It's not all perfect though, imagine my disappointment when Mr C informed us that the carpets were from a competitor and were from 1992! So close. You had nailed an era perfectly and then ruined it all with carpets from the 90s. It's like having a telephone in a museum diorama  about Lincoln.

Sponge painted wails. I remember sponge painted walls and there's nary an HDMI connector on the place because, of course, no one ever heard of High Definition TV in 1985. I knew bringing the apple TV in the time machine was a mistake. 

But beach week is about location, location, location and Crockette and Tubbs crib certainly has location. It's on the boardwalk. The southern end of the boardwalk mind you, but still a much short walk to the beach then years past. This does not mean we do not have anything to complain about because it seems that Super-Storm-Sandy swept in sand from Stone Harbor and now the beaches are almost Wildwood wide. Its a long walk to the ocean.

It's a little far to the heart of the boardwalk though. You have to walk what seems like an endless number of blocks before you get to the part of the boardwalk with actual attractions.

Well, I have to go fax Rodriguez with an update on the coke smugglers and sort my Cassette tapes. Pictures here.

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