Monday, May 20, 2013

The best kept secret in New Jersey.

I rented one of the "rustic" cabins along the banks of Pakim Pond in Brendan Byrne State Forest in the Jersey Pinelands this weekend with Oldest Son and the Chancellor. Well, the Chancellor was there for daytime activities but her fear of spiders and doggie responsibilities kept her from staying over night.

The cabins are not for those looking for feather bed and breakfast. These are one step above a Yurt which is one step above a large tent. 

The three identical cabins were built by the CCC in the 1930's and have electricity for refrigeration and cooking. Each has a toilet but no bathing facilities and four single bunks. I was surprised to find they had hot water though. 

We stayed in cabin 1 which was clean but weathered. The cabins are in good repair which is tough given the environment in South Jersey in the woods.

Some pictures:

Rustic means: 
  • It smells like a fire. This is because the fireplace is the only source of heat and has no flue. the cabins are closed November through March but April-May can be chilly. No flue means you can see light coming through the chimney - and rain. 
  • The refrigerator is missing shelves and the doors are missing guards which prevent your food from falling on the floor every time you open the door.  
  • No heat
  • No Shower
  • Carpenter Bees or Termites. Something was creating a lot of saw dust above the front door. 

All pictures here

Here are some pictures I found of the cabins 30 years ago. No much has changed. 

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