Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Amateur Ornithology Club will meet on Tuesdays

The Chancellor is fascinated by birds.

Ever since last month's trip to see my brother in Pennsylvania where they had many bird feeders, she has been peering out the window like Gladys Kravitz having just spied our neighbor with giant ears. When we returned from PA, She went right to the Home Depot and loaded up on bird feeders and suet and now spends nearly every waking hour looking out the front window to see if "there are birds".  
If there are, she yells out what kind of bird is out there - sort of - "ooh a green one is here" or "Oooh look at the red one". She's keeping track of what she sees like it's The Big Year or something and yes there is an app for that.
Suddenly our home is filled with bird feeder catalogs and she is making home made contraptions like nailing an orange to a tree and making them a salad. (I knew something was up when I came home and saw my hammer on the dinning room table). 
I'm no better. I'm poking a telephoto lens out the front door while telling the dog to be quiet like I'm some kind of nature photographer. I'm taking pictures of birds I can't identify and then sending them off to Google images to search for them. 
Oldest son just shakes he head and rolls his eyes.

It really is fascinating - it's like a whole new world has opened up right under our noses. It was there all along of course but we never really saw it. I'm mean we knew there were birds out there - we are not idiots but I had no idea how beautiful even the most common crow was until we saw it up close. 

Bird pictures here and here.


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