Sunday, June 03, 2012

Slave to the pool

It's been a bad year for pool maintenance so far and it's only June.

I am 4 for 4 on replacing electrical motors used for various and sundry pool purposes.

1. My portable water pump shorted while underwater for the winter and had to be replaced so I could empty the hot tub. Solution: buy a back up sump pump for the house that can do double duty.

2. The Filter pump worked but screamed like a dying Apache. Constantly. The bearings had rusted. Solution: Replace motor portion with an off brand from a local discount pool supply place.

3. The Polaris pool cleaner, but what I can only imagine was peer pressure, screamed like a dying Apache. Again, bad bearings. (It's never good sign when you turn on  a motor for the first time in a season and it just sits and humms). Solution: scour the Internet for a best price solution, enter my credit card and hope for the best. A whole pump assembly arrived Friday - Just in time for the weekend!

4. The heater failed heat. This is where I was sure that the  solution would not be a motor. The blower blew, the gas came on - briefly, and then as quickly as it started, would stop. Start -stop, start-stop. I after more internet scouring I found a few simple trouble troubleshooting steps and was in the middle of trying them when the blower made a tremendous CLUNK, rusted parts flew out of the top vent and then it went quiet. Quiet in a gas hot tub water heater is bad. After a brief investigation I found that the squirrel cage fan assembly was completely gone and all that was left was what looked like a rusted paint can bottom - the remainder of the bottom part of the fan. I thought the worst of course - that it had taken out the motor during the CLUNK. The motor still turned - thankfully but after scouring the Internet I found some bad news: the manufacturer only sold a whole blower assembly including the ... wait for it.... working motor. Uggghhhhh.

People used to ask me if maintaining the pool was hard or expensive and I would dismissively wave me hand and say "No, you just buy chemicals and throw them in". That was because the pool was new! Just wait. It'll get hard and expensive. It's just a matter of time.

The good news is that are no other motors for the pool.

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