Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Chancellor has broken her foot.

This means that getting around is difficult and so even a simple things like a trip to buy Danish for her ladies church group turns into an adventure that involves me.

Her meeting was Tuesday morning so that meant going out Monday night. I thought that she was responsible for all the food some how and so that's how ended up at BJ's. I was thinking quantity.

Problem 1: You have no idea how huge BJs is until you have to walk across it with some one on crutches and in a boot. Fortunately, I was thinking ahead when I found the "kiddie car" shopping cart in the parking lot after dropping her at the door. The "kiddie car" model is a regular BJs cart, which has to be 50% larger than your average shopping cart, with a bench on wheels bolted to the back.

This makes it about as long as '62 Buick Electra.

So on to the bench she went and we were off in search of flaky baked products stuffed with fruit.

The Danish, off course, are in the furthest corner of the BJs and so I pushed the Exxon Valdez and my passenger miles to the corner of the BJs. She had to come because she had to pick out the Danish and so she picked.

We put the Danish into the vast, empty cart and I pushed the cart with the Chancellor and now the Danish to the checkout where the clerk then shook the Danish upside down looking for the UPC code, ruining the appearance of the Danish.

Back I went to the Danish sans cart and Chancellor. I picked out an identical Danish package and returned, exhausted, to the checkout. We placed the single package of Danish in the back of the SUV and drove home.

Wasn't I surprised to find the Danish back on our counter at the end of the day of the Ladies group, less exactly 1/2 a Danish. Great. I'm on Weight Watchers and now I have a tray of Danish sitting around staring at me from the counter saying "eat me".

I put them in the refrigerator and the next day they went to work where I know the locusts will come and consume them.

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