Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Well I'm in ICU and I'm told I'm the first to come to ICU with their own iPad. I made the Chancellor give it back to me in post-op.

The surgery went well and the surgeon was able to save the interior iliac artery which means my butt won't fall asleep for life.

The surgery was 3 hours and I didn't go in until nearly 3 PM so I was out at 7 something but didn't get my room until 10:30. I didnt sleep well - who can in ICU? There was a guy next too me that was spitting up either blood or cranberry juice, the nurses couldn't decided and so there was a little drama at 3 AM. I'm guessing it was cranberry juice since the drama subsided quietly.

Then of course the lab people wake you up at 6 am to draw blood. With the lights on. Which I guess makes sense since they are sticking you with a 25 gauge needle. I know because I asked, she had Me a little worried when she had to tell herself that the numbers get larger with smaller gauges.

Generally I'm doing well and expect a parole board hearing today for my release. The Dr told me it will be at least 2 weeks before I'm back in the office. We'll have to see about that if I'm up and blogging today.

The incisions hurt a bit and I'm tired but other than that I'm ok. Thank you Lord.

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