Thursday, March 29, 2012


I'm in the hospital overnight. Yesterday at this time I was screaming and dancing at the Springsteen concert in Philly. Some days you never know what life is going to throw at you.

I had a little trouble ah ah making water Sunday night. It felt like my bladder was full but instead of the floodgates of the deep, all I got was trickle.

Being a man, I thought the best approach was to "walk it off" because rubbing dirt on it made no sense what so ever and so I went about with life. This particular week life had a concert at the Wells Fargo.

Well Thursday morning brought a large cup of coffee and mucho pain. I spent most of the morning running to men's room (door button badge, button badge door) And by 11 I said "no mas".

Unfortunately I was a walk, a train ride and car ride from home. By time I was home I was doubled over in pain and it was clear that "walk it off" wasn't going to cut it.

The chancellor works at a nearby hospital and so that was my first choice. Off we went the emergency room. I had the forethought to grab the iPad. Really. I'm doubled over in pain like a screaming animal in a trap and my first thought is "grab the iPad honey" sad really.

Off to cat scan where it quickly turned into " take your husband to work day" since that is the very place The Chancellor works. ( she was great to have there, really great)

The cat scan reveled a large stone - one as a fifty something year old man, I was as likely to pass as give birth to.

The cat scan also showed a iliac artery aneurysm which it turns out is as scary as it sounds. Thanks to the iPad, I was able to google it right there. About half way down the page is a blog titled "Dad died today". Check for yourself.

Suddenly "life is but a breath" had a whole new meaning.
Job 7:7
7 Remember, O God, that my life is but a breath;

I honestly felt like God had allowed the stone to see the aneurysm.

So the pained passed, I was admitted and now I have a fun day of tests and surgeries in the morning. I'd appreciate prayer. Honest prayer. To God. Thoughts are nice. Good vibes are good. But honestly I'd prefer that you pray. If its for me great but I'd ask that you pray.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike! Good morning! So happy that the Chancellor sent us the link to your blog and want you to know we are praying, praying, praying for your complete recovery. What an amazing thing how God sent the stone so the doctors could see the bigger issue that needs to be healed! You and the Chancellor are much beloved and I know there will be many prayers going up on your behalf. Looking forward to seeing you and your camera at Hope soon. Give the Chancellor a hug from us and know we are on our knees for you.

From John and Lisa Cairney

PS Awesome that God gave you the chance to rock it out with The Boss before the Stone leveled ya. :) God is so good. :)

suburbanstories said...

Thank you Lisa and now the Chancellor name is out there she may never forgive me.

suburbanstories said...

2 Samuel 10:12
Be strong, ..... The Lord will do what is good in his sight.”

Anonymous said...

Prayers and good vibes all coming your way...... Julie

Anonymous said...

is the 'boss' Bruce or Karen?!! We know, God is your boss and Karen helps! Love ya guy, BS and SS