Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another day in the pants less hotel

Well surgery one is done. Technically it is called Cystoscopic surgery where they take an endoscope and retrieve the stone. Like I lost it or something. (While you are in there can you look for the TV remote I lost in 97 and my claw hammer?)

The Dr. Said something about using a laser and tiny claws and baskets and I'm thinking "up there? Really?" claws?. This isn't exactly the Lincoln Tunnel you know.

I woke up to the Dr. shaking a little pill bottle saying she got it. They broke it in half and then brought it out. All I knew was I had to go the bathroom so I was getting up and going.

From the table.

They stopped me of course and and told me "it just feels like you have to go". I don't know about that, I just have to go and I kept telling them that. I have to go. It was like a bad dream where no one believes you.

Waking up in post op here is like waking up in an office full of people. The place was festooned with Phillies gear and people were across from me reaching into box for some kind of food I think. I don't know I was a little groggy.

I woke up very chatty too. I felt like I was doing a comedy act or something.

Where's everyone from? Mount Holly? I just flew in and boy are my arms tired bah-doom-bah.

Eventually they let me "go". My word did that ever hurt and lets just say it wasn't the right color and be done with that whole discussion right there. Suddenly the whole claws thing made more sense too.

I slept well and and fine now.

The next surgery is scheduled for the first thing Monday morning so I have a weekend stay here at the pants less hotel.

In the mean time I think a few clarifications are in order. I did not have a blood clot, I have an aneurysm (which I'm getting much better at spelling). An aneurysm is like an over inflated bicycle tube which can be over inflated for a long time and the one day you have a blow out. A blood clot is different and I'm not qualified to tell you what one is. Google it

I did not get a stone from a hoagie that Gail bought at the Bruce concert. It takes years to make a stone that size. The hoagie only pushed it over the top. Just kidding Gail.

I'll keep every one posted.

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