Saturday, February 11, 2012

You're the 1/2 Ounce Slice Cheese Guy.

Today at the deli counter is asked for a 1/2 pound of cheese and instead of the ambiguous "sliced thin" I asked for precise 1/2 ounce slices.  Not Troy Ounces, Grains, Singapore Taels or Klingon Ghmeeels- Ounces, as in 1/16 of a pound.

Why did I do this? I'm back on Weight Watchers and 1/2 ounce of cheese is 1 point and I want my value for my point.

I told the young girl behind the count that 1/2 ounce is 0.03 pounds on her scale (well technically it's 0.03125 but 0.03 would be close enough). I also told her that there should be 16 slices to a 1/2 pound. I gave her all the answers.

Still, she was baffled. Math. It's hard.

She went back and consulted with a colleague. I could see her mouth "half ounce slice". Now the colleague was baffled too and I was on the cusp of "a scene".

How thick of slice of deli cheese is exactly 1/2 ounce? That was the question.

She came back to me and I could see where this was going. She was going to deny me my 1/2 ounce slices but behind her I saw another deli counter clerk slicing cheese. They looked close to my 1/2 ounce.

There! like those, I said, pointing.

She cut me a 1/2 pound.

Later while finishing my shopping I saw one of the deli counter clerks on the store floor. We gave each other a smile but I could tell what she was thinking.

"You are the 1/2 ounce slice guy".

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