Monday, June 27, 2011

No Clarence.

Been listening to a lot of Tenth Avenue Freeze Out since Clarence Clemons passed away last week. I must have 5 versions on my pod, most of which are captured live. It's a tight, concise story of how the E street band was formed and I keep thinking how hard it will be for Springsteen and the E street band to ever sing that again live since so prominently featured Clarence.

I guess he has three choices:

1. Never play it again. Sad but fitting.

2. Play it but change the lyrics to something in tribute the memory of Clarence. Sounds like Bruce.

3. The "Darren" solution - named after the character Darren in the Bewitched television show: Play it with some new Sax player and pretend he is the Big Man. He's the new Big Man.

The passing of band members as they get older is inevitable and now two original members of the E street band have passed, Danny Federici in 2008 and now Clarence. While Danny played in the back and has been very ably replaced by Charles Giordano, it's going to be tough to replace The Big Man, especially in Tenth Ave since there is a whole verse about him. His sax was such a big part of the E street sound.

There is no Danny song.

No denying it, the E Street band isn't going to be the same with out him.

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