Saturday, June 25, 2011


Last week was Youngest's son graduation from High School believe it or not. I'm still in shock that I have now two in College and thank goodness for that money tree otherwise I'm not sure how we would do it.

Because it threatened to thunderstorm, the Graduation itself was held in the High School Gymnasium which was near wood-fueled, brick-oven temperatures by time they got to the the "F"s. Notice I said the "threat" of rain. It never did actually rain, which the High School principal later acknowledged during a heat induced confession near the end of the ceremony.

img_4082:Lenape 2011 Graduation

This is actually our second indoor graduation. Oldest Son's 8th grade graduation was also held indoors as well. That was awful with the heat as recall too.

Everyone was relieved that the powers-that-be called an audible at the line and decided that they would forego the reading of the 50,000 awards and scholarships given out. I'm guess here but this decision came after the ceremony was stopped for a short time while the EMTs came a took away someone's Grandmom from the sweltering crowd.

This saved us from hearing that So-and-Sos kid got $250 dollars for the Classic Chevrolet most congenial scholarship. I think unless the award pays for more than several lunches in someone's future cafeteria, it shouldn't be read out loud.

My other scholarship idea is to have a financial award for the kid in the exact middle of the class ranking.  I'd call it the Suburban Stories "Welcome to the middle" scholarship.

Of course graduations mean parties and we had Youngest sons the day after graduation. Catered of course - after all we have that tree. The one thing you really don't think about when selecting the catered menu is "Am I going to be able to eat this for week after the party?". I swear by Wednesday I had sworn off fried chicken and pulled pork for life.

In other News, Oldest Son continues his adventures in Italy with a week in Sicily followed by ten days in Paris and then home. Yesterday was the Palermo, Sicily to Paris  travel day and I haven't heard from him yet so of course am a little concerned.

He will be returning to the states just after the 4th of July so we are looking forward to that.

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