Thursday, May 05, 2011

Rome Day Una

If you find yourself at Zara on Via Del Corso in Roma, I would be very cautious of trying on pants in my size.

Let me explain.

Day one's afternoon found us in our apartment waiting on Air France to deliver our lost luggage. I needed a shower but the only clothing I had were literally the clothes on my back.

1 Short Sleeved Man's shirt
1 Pair Men's shorts, 1 size too big
1 Pair of low cut white athletic socks.
1 pair of underwear
1 pair of athletic shoes.
1 "sleeveless coat of many pockets" officially known as the "tech vest"

And courtesy of Air France's "Sky Team", 1 plain white mens undershirt.

All of which stank after 24 hours of travel and thinking the worst, I needed to buy clothes and now.
Since Apartment Maximus has a washer (but no dryer, as is common here in Italy), I decided to wash the shirt, socks and underwear.

Oldest Son came by to pick us up and guide us to the shopping areas and so I wore everything not in the wash.

And so that is how I got on the 913 bus - unintentionally commando, which I really didn't think much of until I had to try on new pants.

That's when things got a little dicey.

Yes, I had to try on pants without underwear, all because the weather changed in Philly as we were leaving:

Which caused air traffic control to switch the outbound runway at Philly International
Which caused us to be 30th, yes 30th, in line for take off
Which caused us to take off 1.5 hours late.
Which caused us to land in Paris 1/2 hour late.

That wouldn't have been so bad except for the fact that our flight to Rome took off within 50 minutes of touching down in Paris and that would n't have been so bad except it took 20 minutes to taxi to the gate and another 10 minutes to get off the plane.

From there it was like an episode of the Amazing Race. In 20 minutes we:

  • Talked the French police into letting us in the short line so we could run through Customs like blur. (just stamp the f'ing thing)
  • Had to find Terminal F, Gate 27 
  • Had to be security screened again since Customs is outside the secured area of the Paris airport. 
  • And run to the plane. 

Given the snappy efficiency of the average French baggage handler, I was pretty sure our luggage wasn't going to make our flight so it wasn't a surprise that we found ourselves hopelessly watching an empty baggage carousel go around and around

Oh and since I was fooling around with my phone on the runway in Philly, the battery was completely drained because there are no cell towers at 38,000 feet but the phone spent all of it's energy try to reach out to one ever 15 seconds. (it's like a 5 year old in you backseat saying "are we there yet, are we there yet,are we there yet, are we there yet,are we there yet, are we there yet..." Is there cell tower, is there a cell tower...")

Our driver was there, our bags were not and so we had little choice but to go to the apartment.

All is well today. Air France delivered that bags to our Apartment around midnight last night. I now have underwear.

Today's lesson:: pack underwear in your carry on.

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