Friday, May 06, 2011

Rome Day Due

On Day two we began our touring of Rome in earnest and took the Metro from our Apartment to Piazza De Popolo. From there we went up the hill to Villa Borghese and made our reservations for later in the week for the Art Museum there.

Along the way, the Chancellor and I began work on our new hobby, taking pictures for strangers. It began on the hill over looking Piazza De Popolo where we ran into an English couple who had picked out the very spot that The Chancellor wanted to use for our picture.

You can tell a lot about a couple just from the very first words that come out their mouths. When we first asked if they wanted us to take their picture, the husband - busy being the subject of the picture said "Well, I'm not in charge of the camera". Aha. Enough said. We thought that a bit awkward until the Chancellor asked where they were from and they said Devon, England. She responded that she too was from Devon - PA and we were off. We asked again if they wanted us to take their picture, this time directing the question to the camera controller and she said yes.

The Chancellor began directing them around with commands like "OK Stand over here, take off your sunglasses, take off your purse" etc while I took up their camera. We make a team. She directs and I take over the technical aspects of the photo.

I noticed right off that Mrs Camera Controller was no serious photographer as she had the camera upside down as she handed it to me. That's correct, she had been holding the camera upside down with the words SONY upside down, facing her and the shutter on the bottom. (Had she been taking photos this way the entire trip?) She also had the flash on, in direct sun. I took one picture and saw it was completely washed out and asked to take another with the flash off. Mr Subject objected a bit saying she wanted it that way but I said let's try one.

Later they will get home to Devon and call us stupid for taking their picture upside down but they took a beautiful photo for us. They forgot to tell us to take our sunglasses and purses off.
Rome2011-1 053

From there we had a little lunch outdoors on the Via Veneto and Oldest Son went off to class. The Chancellor and I headed to the Spanish Steps on our own where worked on our new hobby a bit with a set of 3 French women.

The language barrier made The Chancellor's part a bit harder but she turned it into a game of charades, gesturing "taking off your sunglasses, what about your purse". My job was also more difficult with three cameras. (Why do people insist on taking the same picture with their own camera? Do we not share the pictures?). Our hobby helps us get pictures of ourselves too.
Rome2011-1 135

From there we headed back to Apartment Maximus to relax a bit before dinner and then it was off to meet Oldest Son at his Apartment.

He was late so we worked on our hobby a bit and found a new twist - people that do not want to be photographed together. I thought that was weird until I realized that these two people were not supposed to be in Rome together and they saw this as not a memento of a vacation but as evidence.

Dinner was excellent and my friend John D has so far been correct with his adage -  "You can not get a bad meal in Rome". We had dinner at a tiny little restaurant called "Alfredo e Ada"  around the corner from Oldest Son's place. Dinner was excellent but it would have helped to know that it came in two courses - "Primo" and  a "Secondo".  I was full after Primo of Carbonara but pressed on with my Secondo of braciole like steak.

We sat at a long table with two Japanese women. We did not offer to take their picture and we took more pictures than they did.

Day Two's lesson: Not everyone wants their picture taken

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