Sunday, January 09, 2011

What I'm Watching

It's winter and while I don't have cabin fever just yet, it is prime time for TV viewing and since this is my blog, here is what I'm watching these days.

How I met your Mother.
I'm Tivo'ing the reruns and I'm hooked. I hardly watched the show when it was a primetime only thing but now that I have queue 10 deep I can't stop. My only regret is that the reruns are not being played in order. It's like popcorn.

The Larry Sanders Show.
This is a show I liked but didn't have HBO when it was on. It features brilliant writing and unbelievable guests and regulars. Reruns are showing on IFC weeknights in case you missed the marathon on New Years.

The ABC Wednesday night line up.
In the Middle has been great recently (puts head down and says "great" in a wisper). We especially enjoyed the episode where the parents decided to take back the house. Loved it. Modern Family is a hoot and Cougar Town is oddly entertaining.

Breaking Bad.
AMC is playing episodes on Wednesday overnight and I'm finally catching them. They are playing them in order and are almost halfway through. Here's me explaining it to the Chancellor:
Me: It's a show about High School Chemistry teach who finds out he has terminal lung cancer and decides to sell Meth to make enough cash so that his family is taken care of when he is gone.
The Chancellor: Why didn't he just buy life insurance?
Me: Because then there wouldn't be a show past the pilot.

The Walking Dead
I've decided until AMC puts on an "According to Jim", I'm watching anything they do. They get it. I missed the first two episodes and went back to catch up but then we didn't miss a thing.

Hot in Cleveland.
Betty White. 'nuff said. We caught the marathon on New Years and were hooked. We are looking forward to the second season later in January.
NFL Football.
Now there's some surprise. A white male in 50's watching football. Just shocking. But this time of year, I'm not just watching playoff games on Sundays but I am watching everything about football the rest of the week include game repeats on the NFL channel. I even recently picked up the DVD set "10 Best Eagles Games" and it was very interesting to see the evolution of the game on TV. I was lost at the 1981 NFC Championship game between the Eagles and Cowboys because they don't tell the game time until there is less than two minutes left.

What I'm looking forward to:

Californication comes back tonight. How will the sins of Hank Moody catch up to him. It's witty. It's crude. It's hilarious. I want to see the other two new shows Showtime is putting with it as well. Shameless and Episodes look funny, we'll see.

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