Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Even the consessions were for the Vikings

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Sign outside section 113 in the concessions.

In pencil it says it's for the South Philly Vikings NYB.

Christmas 2010

Well, it's official. I need to stay away from the Linc for Eagles games. If I go, they lose. Period.

I've now been to three games this year thanks to Mr C: Vs Greenbay (L 27-20), Vs McNabb and the Redskins (L 17-12) and now last night vs the Vikings (L 24-14).

The only other losses were away. Those were not my fault because I wasn't there.

Last night was brutal but not as bad as sitting watching that crap in a blizzard. One Philly sports writer had it right when He said that the Eagles didn't show Sunday AND Tuesday.

So I'm done. I'm officially just watching from home from here on out.

Christmas was fine and we turned a corner for the kids and Christmas. Youngest son officially did not want any Video Games for the first time and therefore his presents moved officially into "adult" gifts. Mostly clothes. His remark on opening gifts? "I should have done this last year".

The Chancellor was pleased with her assortment of gifts. If there is one piece of advice I could give to the newly married man it would be: "Serial gifts". Buy something that you add to every year. Christmas plates, Charmalia bracelets. It's genius.

Oldest son got what every college student spending a semester in Italy needs: Money. By the way, when did a European or Oriental vacation become part of the expected "college experience"?

We never got a Christmas Tree. It never happened. Oh we planned it a lot and we meant to but we never quite got around to it and you know what? The Earth did not plummet into the sun and the global economy did not collapse.

We were frozen in indecision. I thought it was time to transition to the fake tree and The Chancellor still wanted a real one. And so it went for days. Fake One. Real One. Fake One, Real One. The next thing we knew it was Christmas eve.

The closest we ever got to getting a tree was 3:45 on the Sunday before Christmas. Eagles down, 31-10 to the Giants and I was ready to give it up. I said let's go get a tree and the Chancellor convinced me to stay. I was glad she did of course but that meant no tree, an exchange I was more than happy to make.

We never did Christmas Cards either. Again, we are all still here. To our friends and family: I'm sorry. Maybe next year. We loved getting yours.

And so another year ends. I hope to update this more frequently in the new year. I promise.

Thursday, December 09, 2010


I've been using the side entrance to Graceland.

Graceland is what I've started calling my room here at Caesars Palace In Las Vegas. Graceland and I came together quite unexpectedly. I had reserved a standard room here but they were out of rooms that smokers had not been in so I was upgraded without charge. I don't have anything against smokers, hell I used be one myself but I would just as soon not have a bed that smelled like nicotine, thank you.

So I was then given the keys to Graceland. I call it Graceland because it appears to have been last redecorated in 1977 by Priscilla Presley.

It's a suite, they told me, not explaining that you land a plane in it if you wanted to.

My first guess that it was large was that it had a set of steps leading to a double door where all the other room doors looked like standard hotel doors. The second clue that this was going to be a little different of a business hotel stay was the baby grand piano. I guess this is in case Cole Porter swings by so he can entertain my entourage.(Cole, play Begin the Beguine for everyone and make sure I get enough towels).

It took me 5 minutes to find the bed in Graceland. I am not making this up. I looked in every hallway, closet and bathroom for a bedroom. Finally I found what looked like another hotel room door inside the suite, on the other side of yet another door.

Graceland was one of those places that looked great at first but as you got closer you noticed how old and behind things were. Graceland was missing things like Electrical outlets and Internet. Which makes sense if you consider how many laptops there were in 1977. It also had a heck of a view. It was of a concrete wall 15 feet away. Maybe this explains the free upgrade.

I had to enter my key card again to get to the hotel room within the hotel room where I found a suite within the suite. In the morning, when I came back out into the suite without pants, this seemed like less of a feature. Luckily I had left the extra key card on the bar. From then on I had a process. If you leave the suite within the suite you flipped the door lock so the door would not shut.Look for it in the video below.

I found there are three doors to Graceland. The main double door that Priscilla has to enter through, the side door the Memphis Mafia uses and the double secret back door. It took me a while to figure out the purpose of the back door. It was for groupies to escape through before Priscilla came in. There was a complete back door that was separate from the main suite that lead right to the suite within a suite.

If these walls could talk.

More to come later. 

Here is a quick video tour of Graceland