Thursday, November 25, 2010

Modern Thanksgiving

Well it's the holidays and once again we plan to put on more miles than a trucker trying to make Tuscan by sunup. The only difference is that we will be driving in circles. Also, the difference today is we have four drivers now so we get a certain economy of scale over the days when I was the lone driver for this insanity.

I'm just hoping the Aluminum Falcon is up to the task because we are asking it to play a major role in "Operation Dessert Storm"

First up: Thanksgiving day finds Youngest Son working here in Mt La-La because either he is too junior to pull rank or he didn't plan ahead and request the day to eat with his family. It also finds Oldest Son unknowingly establishing lifelong patterns as he eats dinner with Girlfriend's family, picks up his brother and then heads to PA for some dessert.

The Chancellor and I are headed for Her Mom's for dinner where we are in charge of dessert and salad. Not just any salad, which is what I had assumed while shopping yesterday, it has to be a salad with mandarin oranges. So there is a trip to a supermarket some time this morning. After dinner with her Mom and this magical salad, we head over to my Parents, joining up with the boys and having a second dessert just the way Lombardi drew it up.

You would think that we would be able to get in our cars and all head home after all that. But wait, there is more fun ahead.

On Black Friday, the Chancellor and Youngest Son have to work (there is that life lesson about planning again) while I am free and Oldest Son going upstate with his cousins to see their cousin's band in a show.

And now it becomes like one of those river crossing puzzles. We have four people, 2 cars stuck in PA and three of us are returning to Jersey. Youngest Son needs the car to work, The Chancellor has to get to work and I see a lot of driving in my future. The solution of course is that we drive separate cars back to NJ while Oldest Son stays at my Parents with my younger Brother and his wife and my youngest Brother and his family. It's a big house.

From there our plan looses detail but I'm pretty sure I will be going back to PA at some point. I think we need to go to daily meetings and dedicated project manager until Sunday at this point.

It wasn't going to be this way this year. Back in October we were asked to host Thanksgiving instead of her 80 year old Mom doing it. There was phone call, we were both on it and before I could say we'll have to talk about it, The Chancellor said "yes".

And then nothing happened.

About once a week I would ask "are we making plans for Thanksgiving?" and I was told "it wasn't for sure yet". I made contingencies and I took the day off before Thanksgiving, not knowing what lay ahead.
In the mean time, The Chancellor decided that since she had few days off, this would make a fine time to rip the wallpaper off the dining room walls. I should have realized something was up then

Finally, last weekend the word came from headquarters that her Mom was not ready to give it up yet. Operation "Cook a bird" was off and "Dessert Storm" was on and now I sit in my empty kitchen trying to figure out how we are getting all this done.

The best is yet to come really. While we are making plans here, something, some unknown event, some over looked detail, is going to come along and completely wreck these plans. It will not go down as planned.

All of this makes me long for the days when it was simple. We got up. We had Breakfast. We got in the car and went to her Mom's and we visited. We went to My Parent's for the meal. On the way home two boys slept in the car. It was simple.

Before that it was even simpler. In 1978 I was in the Navy in Alexandria, Egypt on Thanksgiving day. I got up. I got in a long line to eat. I ate. I took a few pictures.

All I know is I'm getting the van and the Ez-Pass.

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