Sunday, November 21, 2010

Falling Leaves

005The cold weather is finally settling in as if for good, like it's moving in to stay. The days can be nice like last weekend was. This weekend is looking the same.

The leaves seem to have real staying power this year and the colors have been brighter and staying longer than I ever recall, but maybe that just comes with getting older. I feel like saying "Yep, back in aught two we never had colors like this, must be that global warmin'".

Of course falling leaves mean raking leaves and the problem these days is what to do with them after you have them in big pile. When I was growing up it was simple, you light a match to them and watched to make sure they a) kept on fire and b) didn't burn anything else. Of course that is highly illegal these days and now my township picks them up from the curb but only when they announce it. Since the township can not possibly be all places at all times, this means they pick up twice: the 3rd week in Sept and the week after Christmas.

You have no idea home any times I've made a big pile of leaves out front in November only to have to shovel up that mess when the first snow comes in January.

My the trees on the front lawn actually had the leaves fall in time with the township's schedule and a couple of Sundays ago I got out there and put the leaves to the curb. Magically they were gone by Wednesday. It was like a Autumnal miracle. Of course the township geniuses some home missed the larger pile that my neighbor had across the street.

All my other leaves stubbornly missed being picked up by the township since they were cleverly hiding in tree branches up in the air.

Last weekend The Chancellor and I raked some in the back yard. Since I knew that the township would not be around again in 2010, I thought I'd just put the leaves in plastic trash bags and put them out with the trash and that's where they remain today, in bags by the curb. The trash folks refuse to pick them up.

This week brought cold temperatures and wind, the arch enemies of the leaves still clinging to the hope that Summer will be right back make them healthy converters of CO2 into O2 again. Now I have the largest pile of the season waiting to be picked up and some how disposed of.

 Pictures here.

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