Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Promise

I spent my 21st Anniversary night watching The Promise on HBO.

The Chancellor had joined a group of ladies that go to the theater once a month and it just so happened the Thursday of our Anniversary was the first night of their group.

This was OK by me. I would have rather spent the night celebrating but I was looking forward to the documentary that was premiering that night. Besides, here is what we usually do.

I watched it again last night front to back. 

The documentary covers the period of January 1976 through the release of Darkness On The Edge of Town, a period where Springsteen disappeared. I had disappeared at about the same time as I went in the Navy in July of that year. Born to Run was still a big deal as I graduated high school in 76 but soon I remember thinking what ever happened to Bruce Springsteen.

Now I know.

He spent 18 months yelling "Stick! Stick! Stick!" in the studio as Max Weinberg kept hitting the drum and Bruce heard the stick.

If you're a fan, it's worth catching on HBO.

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