Monday, September 13, 2010


Tuesday is a mulligan. On Monday I got up, packed a lunch and headed to a Dental appointment for an early morning follow up visit before work. Only problem? I went to the wrong office and had to then go out of my way to the right one and by time my 5 minute appointment was done, I had to head home to be on time for a conference call.

Tomorrow I shall head out in Monday's clothes with Monday's lunch.

It was a beautiful day to be home and I spent the morning on conference calls watching out the window as the neighbors Irish Setter had his lunch money stolen by a couple of squirrels. They were just messing with him. They would run on the edge of the fence and then jump into one of the two trees and the setter would wait, head up, looking into the tree for as long as his little doggie brain would allow. Then he would get distracted for a minute (which isn't hard if you are an Irish Setter) and the squirrel would dart to the next tree across the yard.

You could almost hear them laughing.

If he had underwear, the squirrels would have it up over is head. 

Yesterday was spent at the Eagles game with Gail, Mr C and Gail's brother. Mr C had four seats and two of three kids in college so he was looking for friends to fill up seats and I was more than happy to oblige.

I was hoping for a win but Mr C tempted fate by buddying up with some Packer fans during tail gating time.

It was not a good game to at the game because there were a lot of injuries and you don't get a lot of information sitting in the stands. For example I had no idea Kolb had a concussion until Vick showed up in the second half.

We knew that Stewart Bradley had been taken out because it was becoming a joke in the stands that every time someone went off the field it was "Stewart Bradley". We also knew about the Leonard Weaver injury because they actually showed the  fullback's knee injury on the big screen and the entire crowd ewwwed at once.

I heard the ewwww but missed seeing the brutal replay because I was juggling a beer, crab fries with cheese sauce on the side and chicken cutlets with buffalo sauce while sitting in the stands. Well, sitting and then getting up for people to walk by and then sitting again.  I had opened the container of "buffalo sauce" and it was as if the crew of the Deep Water Horizon hadn't pumped enough concrete into the well. Redish oil squirted through the cardboard beverage holder in my hands and onto my shoes. It left a permanent stain on the concrete and it just kept coming. Some how I kept it from getting completely out of control and ate it all with out getting any on me (beside the shoes) so you'll forgive me if I missed a replay.

Given the situation it was amazing I only got it on my shoes.

The chicken and crab fries were from the Chickie and Pete's concession. Gail's brother, Gail and I went and we each got in different adjacent lines. When I got my order I looked over at Gail and she was 4 people back in a line with no vendor. The girl manning Gail's line had simply closed her register and walked away. She said she was going to the bathroom and would be back. That was ten minutes ago and now the natives were getting restless. I was waiting there for Gail so I started asking if there was a manager. That, and all the angry townspeople were enough for a hero to step up and start taking orders for crab fries and beer.

It was testy there for a bit.

The Chickie and Pete's was actually my second night in a row of eating dare-deviling in confined quarters. On Saturday, my parents, my brother and his wife and my mother's Augustian Priest cousin all went to dinner at a South Philly "red gravy" Italian restaurant.

I wore a white button down long sleeve shirt. It was as if I was saying "bring it on".

I came out unscathed at both events.

Pictures here.

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