Saturday, September 04, 2010

And a wake up.

Another Ocean City vacation is in the books and this one was punctuated by Earl, the Hurricane that couldn't close the deal. Not that I would want to actually see a Hurricane hit Ocean City but there is a certain sense of disappointment when something takes a week to get here and then is "Just a bit outside" like a Ricky Vaughn Fastball.

Earl did make for some drama on the beach Thursday and Friday with high tide. By high tide at 4 on Friday the water was up to the dunes. Other than that, it was hard to tell this wasn't just a passing shower.

This house is beautiful. Boardwalk front, pool, ocean view out the front window. I spent the week yelling "Looking Good Billy Ray" to who ever was on the top deck. Like this:

But the house had a lot of flies. They were everywhere. I had 3 confirmed kills including the one handed to me when the fly came in the shower and I simply directed him into the water stream. I'm sure the gawkers on the boardwalk were not saying "It's a beautiful but I'll bet there are flies" but that is what I'll be thinking from now on when I see a lovely shore house.

And now it's time to go home. 

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