Sunday, August 15, 2010


IMG_5442:Eagles Preseason - JerseysInvited to the Eagle's Preseason opener this year, I had a problem. I just couldn't put on my faithful #5 jersey now that McNabb had been traded to the Redskins and I only owned the one jersey. I guess I could have squeezed into the Chancellor's large child's sized #10 Jackson, but that seemed silly.

What to do?

The casual collared shirt I wore to work was sort of green and so I opted for the "I just came from work" look. First, it was true, sort of and second it's preseason so who really cares.

At the game I could help but notice the drop off in McNabb jerseys. I guess that is obvious when an over shadowing personality like that leaves the team that his jersey decreases in popularity. But the fact that no one wants to wear his jersey any more but it was kind of sad to see.

A few years ago I noticed that in the sea of jerseys in the stands a #20 Dawkins was most popular , McNabb second and #36 Westbrook being third were roughly the top 3. None of those three men are with the team any more but it was funny to see that Dawkins and Westbrook had not suffered the same drop off the precipice that #5 had. People still wear their #20 and #36 jerseys and are respected for it. Wear a McNabb and you are likely to be hounded about it.

You might be hounded by your friends but wear a Redskins McNabb and it's a different story. We had one seated in the front of the section next us and he instilled rage in the crowd everytime he got up. Chants of the all too familiar a--hole, a--hole, a--hole followed him everywere he went.

Ironically the guy looked a lot like Mike Vick.

I'm not making this up.

I also saw people that were creative about what to with their old McNabb jerseys. In addition to the taped up one at the top, I saw one that was inside out.

When I chose a jersey, I did so with longevity in mind because no one wants to be that guy in the Takeo Spikes ridiculous Swedish flag colored throwback jersey or the owner of a "I was a turnstile: Sean Considine #37". I thought I'd pick a guy that's going to be there a long time like #5. They'd never trade him, right? The thing would wear out before I had to park it in the back of the closet. Wrong.

So I'm trying to determine my next jersey move and may have come up with a solution: The throwback jersey. It's brilliant since they are never going to cut #12 Cunningham or #99 Jerome Brown.

My other option is hold onto my #5 until it becomes a throwback.

Pictures here.

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