Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th

Thanks to Mr C I got to see Kevin Kolb and the youth movement Eagles, well sort of. I did get to see Kolb play but not as long as I had intended. Allow me to explain, it's a good news, bad news, good news, bad news good news again story.

Mr C invited me to the Eagles game Friday via email and after checking with the Chancellor, gladly accepted. Thanks to the McNabb trade, I no longer have a viable Eagles Jersey but that's a different story. Plans were made and we met at his house along with another friend at 6. Aunt Tina thought briefly about taking the last ticket but in the end decided that she had other plans so there was an extra ticket. I'm blaming her for what happened next.

We left for the 7:30 game at around 6:30.

Ten minutes into our ride, Oldest Son texted me and asked if there was an extra ticket. We talked and told him yes there is but we already left so if you can make it to the stadium, you can go. He said he would go and meet us there while I had a sense of "this is going to end badly". I thought that if wanted to go, then that's a win-win. He gets to go and the ticket isn't wasted.

Ironically, Mr C had called him at our home earlier in the day looking for me. I didn't know Oldest Son was home and Mr C didn't think he would be interested in the game so neither invited him. In retrospect that was a mistake. 

By 7 we were tailgating a bit and waiting for Oldest Son.

For the 2 of you out there that have never seen preseason NFL "action" it may be good to discuss what happens there. Typically the starters, the guys that are going to be the opening day, team play for about a quarter and then they are replaced by the backups and then finally those backups are replaced by the scrubs struggling to make the team. If you want to see how your team is going to be this year, get there early.

I had. Well, I was close. I was right there outside the Stadium.

Curious for an update I called him and found out he was looking for a car. This may seem odd but he didn't want to take the van and Youngest Son had taken the Aluminum Falcon to work at the local water park. So in order to take the AF, he had to find it so he and the Chancellor were scouring the parking lot looking for it. This seemed odd since it wasn't exactly Disneyworld's parking lot.

Mr C and Friend head into the Linc while I wait at the corner of Darien and Pattison. 

How hard could it be to find a car in a small parking lot? Actually it's pretty hard if you are looking the wrong parking lot. That's right. I seemed to know but they didn't that Youngest Son parks in the adjacent Hotel for ease of entry and exit. When I told him this on the second call, I heard "Oh there it is". Time Check? 7:07.

Now I know this is going to end badly.

Next call is at 7:29. I ask for a location and am surprised to hear he is at Front and Packer Ave. I start thinking that hings are looking up and we are back to good news. He'll just park and we'll be on our way. How hard could that be?

I hear a cheer from the stadium and figure something good must have happened. At 7:39 I call him again and find out how hard parking can be. He tried to park and then found out he only had 18 dollars and change he found under the seat. The tried begging to be let in for $18.75 with no success.

At this point it was time for and intervention. Luckily I have cash or I could have ended up begging for two dollars on the street. I told him to make his way towards me and figured he was coming down Pattison since he was last reported in that direction. I'm making my way down Pattison when he calls and says he is headed down Darien and I head over to Darien only to see him drive through the intersection on Pattison. He keeps going.

I call one more time to tell him to turn around at 7:42. He does, finds me and I get in. Now we still have to park and the only nearby lot is $25. Guess who has $25?

It takes 10 minutes to park, 5 minutes to walkup and get frisked and we are finally seated towards the end of the 1st quarter. I saw maybe half a dozen Kolb plays including Jackson's end around and the exciting SECOND Acker's kick.

At the end of the 1st Quarter I had to use the Men's room and headed up. While in the Men's room Merrill Reese announced a Vick to Cooper bomb that I caught on replay in concourse. It was that kind of night.

In the end, I was glad that my son came to the game and we enjoyed it. It was tough missing that first quarter but that's life on Friday the 13th.

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