Monday, August 23, 2010

Crappy Weekend

Really crappy weekend.

I woke up Saturday to dead home file server. Dead. Power button did nothing, dead dead dead. Nothing much on there, just every document we own, all the digital pictures, home web server etc etc. I have nightly backups of course (insert Foghorn leghorn here saying "Fortunately I keep ma feathers numbered for such an occasion"). Still it's a mess. It's the DHCP server, DNS Primary, NTP, etc etc for the family network.

What? You don't have a family fileserver? How do you live?

While I had data backups, I didn't back up all the Linux config files on the root partition and so I was making things up as I went along creating new DHCP config files, DNS etc etc. I think I finally have things stabilized but what a mess.

About 3 hours into the disaster recover The Chancellor asked "What do other people do?". She was talking about IT at home. Well they don't have a Linux file sever that's for sure. 

I spent most of the rest of the day replacing light switches in the newly painted areas of the house. I replaced 12 switches and 6 outlets including every three way switch in the house. I have a degree in electrical engineering and yet find the wiring for a 3 way switch perplexing. What is with that red wire? I installed them all right and then discovered I had installed one of the new light up 3 way switches in the wrong place. Of course when I replaced it I hooked something up wrong and found myself making a truth table for the switch positions and results. I narrowed it down to one of switches and took that apart tonight. It looked right so I took apart the other one and it looked right too.

I was perplexed. The commons were where the commons should be and the travelers were where the travelers should be.Red, White and Black were all in the right places.

Finally I figured that the stupid wire taps in the back must be disconnected and moved all those connections to the screw terminals on the sides and everything worked.This of course was after an hour of head scratching and watching Youtube videos about 3 way switching.

And why do they make those stupid taps in the back so hard to disconnect? There is that teeny tiny slot that a screw drive allegedly fits into except no screw driver I own ever fits in that narrow little slot and I end up splitting the switch apart. Every. Single. Time.

Saturday was spent relaxing watching TV. "2012" was on Starz and it had me hooked - for a while. I was Ok with the amateur pilot that twice took off in a two engine plane while runways disintegrated below him. I was Ok when this same knuckle head co piloted a Russian Anatov An-225 off yet another disintegrating runway. I was Ok when the Earth shifted under the Anatov and our heroes ended up miles from their destination instead of crash landing in the ocean thousands of miles away and out of fuel. I was Ok When Airforce one flew from Washington DC to China in 10 hours.

Where I drew the line was flying Giraffes. I literally flipped out at the TV when I saw large wild animals strapped to helicopters, moving to the escaping space ships in the frigid Chinese mountains.

Flying Elephants and Giraffes? Really? I changed the channel and never looked back. I couldn't take it.

It just went that way all weekend long all the way through Monday morning when I poured my morning juice. I took the juice out of the fridge, shook it and discovered the cap was loose. I decided to pour a cup and then clean up the mess on the floor.

When I stood up with the wet paper towels still in my hand after cleaning the floor, I discovered the plastic cup I had poured juice into had a hole on the side at the bottom and had leaked juice all over the counter.


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