Saturday, August 07, 2010

100 % employment rate

Youngest son has entered the workforce. Well if wearing flip-flops is considered part of the workforce. He is a lifeguard at a water park in local hotel.

What this means is that despite 9.5% unemployment, my little corner of the world is 100% employed at this point. I'm working, the Chancellor has hours, Oldest Son has his job at college and now Youngest son is a lifeguard.

It's not exactly like being a beach lifeguard as far as I can tell. Mr C's middle child worked there a while ago and reported that the deepest water is 4 feet deep. He said it's more likely you would say "Yo, Bro, Stand up" then have to give mouth to mouth.

An unintended consequence of youngest son getting a job is that cutting the grass falls back to me now. Seven years ago oldest son took over lawn duties and when he went off to college, his younger brother took over from him.

Now it's back on me.

He just started the job and sometime next week I should get a "Family Working" day where each of us puts in at least 8 hours somewhere. Oh what a glorious day that will be.

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