Saturday, July 10, 2010

Heat Wave

It's been hot here. Earlier in the week It seemed like the trees were going to explode and I felt like Bill Compton out in daylight.

It was so hot I think the weather station freaked out a little bit. If you have a weather station, these are the days you want to see accurate readings from. Record heat brings this sort of thing out in weather guy. As I watched the results on Tuesday, they were looking good until about noon when they went off the charts. Comparing my results with other local stations, I was off by nearly four degrees. This is not good. I have to find a better spot for the device.

This is what you do when you have a weather station, you compare the results with other weather stations.

Having the pool has been great this time of year of course and on Tuesday I came home and couldn't find a spot in front of the house because so many of Youngest Son's friends were here. That is how it goes with a pool. Get used to washing towels and making hamburgers for 15.

Later that night we had a crisis with oldest son and his living arrangements back at school were he is spending the summer because of his job. I won't go into details here but we spent a lot of time on the phone. Well, we tried to spend a lot of time on the phone. The Chancellor would be talking to him fine and then everytime I got on the phone, the call dropped. Then I spent an hour or so trying to call him back. Sometimes my phone would flip out sometimes he would answer but couldn't hear me. I'm guessing it was all heat related.

I ended up driving up there the next night and took Youngest son with me. I "let" him drive since I was exhausted and so he drove the whole way up the turnpike and into Newark. He did great. He drove home too since 11:30 PM is the middle of his summertime day. He sleeps till noon and stays up all night. It's like he has his own timezone, call it YSST. Youngest Son Summer Time timezone.

Being up in Newark at the giant hot apartment complex reminded me why Newark had riots long ago in the summertime. That heat is unbearable and without AC there is nowhere to go. Eventually I'd riot too.

The heat is bringing a new dilemma: Leaves in the pool. The heat has stressed the maple in my neighbors yard to the point where it looks like a weeping willow. It's not a weeping willow, it's a really sad maple and it's dropping leaves for survival.

I realized a tree under stress does the same thing as a large corporation under stress. It starts dumping resources to survive. The results are the same except "good" leaves don't decide to leave and head to another tree because "bad" ones got laid off.

The Chancellor hates leaves in the pool.  The first thing she does every morning is to wake up and survey her Chancellerdom from the bedroom window. If there is a leaf in the pool, I usually hear:

"Uhhgh! There's a leaf in the pool!"

This is fun in the fall as it becomes a morning ritual.

It doesn't look like there is going to be any relief from the heat either because next week is going to be 90+ everyday. 

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