Monday, July 05, 2010

The Fifth of July.

A day spent lounging around the pool. Again. It's a day where the most trying task of the day is patching a leaking raft.

If Thomas Jefferson had procrastinated, today would be the day with the parades and fireworks.

Yesterday we held an impromptu pool party where everyone brought something. We ate hamburgers and hotdogs, sat in the pool cooling off and then afterwards when the sun went down we headed off to fireworks.

Very American.

We were planning on heading to the WMGK free concert at Cooper River park but decided that it was way too hot for that and instead went to fireworks in Marlton. We took the Elmwood approach and peeled of early at the Golf Course, not knowing what to expect. We found a crowd there and hung out and waited.

We were doing fine waiting patiently for the fireworks to start when a couple of the girls were afraid we would miss them from our spot and they headed off down a fairway. Sure enough as soon as they left, the show started. They were partially right and there better views to be had about a 3 iron away. We headed off in  the dark and of course we got split up. I ended up watching fireworks with strangers. Or so I thought. When the show was over, I was in  the midst of the crowd I came with.

I finally was able to get some decent time lapse fireworks pictures. The secret is being far enough away.

It's just a few weeks until Shore Vacation I with the same cast of characters. With upwards of 25 people it turns into quite a circus but it works because everyone has a job.

Mine is tide seer.

I determine the proper placement of the 10 x 10 tent the circus brings when it comes to the beach. It's not trivial. You have to know if the tide is coming in out, estimate how high it will come up and place the tent so that no one can squeeze in front of you and yet your stake remains dry.

It's like being a Hockey Goalie, if done right, no one notices. Mess it up and it's a little tough to tell everyone on the beach to back it up 10 feet. We've never had a completely botched placement but we were dangerously close last year when Mr C filled in for a day.

This year I think the position needs a hat and a scepter. Maybe a cape. A tall, pointy hat. 

Pictures here.

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