Monday, July 19, 2010

Aunt Tina's Traveling Beach Circus Part 1.

Wow. Hazy, Hot and Humid. I did not see this coming. In July. But it's beach circus week so I'll take what I can get.

This is the 4th annual beach circus and we have two of three condos in the same building , units B & D. For once we are together but God help whoever is unit C.

We are a little far from the beach but we are close to the Wawa. In fact we are across the street from the Wawa and after having closely examined the Wawa for the past two days I can tell you that nothing is busier than a Wawa down the shore. Nothing. Not an ATM at the Mall at Christmas. Not the Exterminator at Ivy Hill Apartments. Nothing is busier. All. Day.

This is good and bad. It's good in that I literally rolled out of bed, put on pants and bought coffee. (By Thursday I may just go without Pants. Vacation is like that.).  It's bad in that we wouldn't dare get in the car and drive to Super Fresh on 8th for Ketchup but instead will pay what ever Drug-Dealer pricing Wawa is charging for a tineeey tiny bottle of Ketchup.

If the Wawa is the busiest place on the planet, then the coffee station in the Wawa is the busiest place is the busiest place in the busiest place. Tomorrow I may just walk in and get coffee and walk out without paying, like I live there or something. Not having pants may draw too much attention so I may have to pay on Thursday. 

In fact, I like this whole neighborhood for it's convenience. If I walk out the door and turn left instead of right, there is a CVS so I have a choice of places to go for ice. There is also the remnants of a corner market that I'm sure was much larger before the Wawa came to the corner like Darth Vader ("Pray I don't alter the deal further") and the "Internet Cafe and Coffee" next to us.

The Internet Cafe is interesting because they offer a service that most people are getting for free from their stupid neighbor that can't configure a wireless router at the shore (look for "linksys", there are hundreds of them in your wireless SSID list) and a product that Wawa has cheaper and faster with better parking. It's a ghost town in there and it's got to be some sort of Mafia Front. My Youngest suggested we go in and say that Vinnie the Chin said we should ask for the "special" menu and see what happens.

Next to the Wawa is Piccini's restaurant. Apparently Piccini is an Italian word that means "wait out front 'till we call you". 

We have the top floor in the building. It appears to be new and nicely appointed.... at first. Then you notice little things. There are no trash cans in the rooms or bath rooms. The kitchen tools are dollar store quality. I sat in a deck chair that couldn't hold any adult sized person without deforming. There are no lids for the pots but we have two dishwashers.
Here is how Mac and Cheese was made last night sans lid. Ohh and when I went to stir the Mac and Cheese, the first spoon had the handle break off in the pasta and the second deformed like it was made out of rubber or it was a prop on a movie set. 

I ended up mixing Mac and Cheese with a spatula, just like they do in Wildwood.

But I'm used to this because when I was a kid if a Wildwood vacation rental  had a  "good bread knife" it was considered livable. Eventually we figured out that bringing a "good bread knife" was a precaution worth taking but here in OC we had expected more. Thank God I brought pre-sliced bagels because I can't even begin to imagine what a horror cutting bagels with a bendy knife would be like.

This place is so bad, it actually has a microwave worse that the MW 8998B. This one has no numbers!

I'm guessing it was a prototype of the MW 8998B.

Pictures so far are here.

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