Thursday, July 22, 2010

As them sweet summer nights turn into summer dreams

It's 8 am on Thursday of the 4th annual Aunt Tina's beach circus. The wind is howling like we were having a Nor'easter but I'm sure that it is only because the circus is sleeping and there are no other noises. Well, no other noises except the sounds of two strangers snoring on the pull-out sofa.  I'm guessing they went to bed at 5 AM. That's not good since folks will be up soon and keeping it quiet will not be a priority for them

We have a very free invite policy here at the circus and the all kids all invite their friends for a short stay. With two condos and 8 permanent kids that makes for a lot of in and out especially now that all their friends drive. My guess is that each kid has had 2.5 FN (Friend Nights) each which makes for an army of kids.

Last night was my turn at making dinner for this ever changing army.

I made two 8 packs of 1/2 pound chicken breasts, a dozen ears of corn, 3 boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese and the Chancellor added a Fresh Tomato Salad. Aunt Tina baked  2 packages of Tater-tots downstairs in the auxiliary kitchen. It was finally enough food.

The constant flux of people makes it nearly impossible to plan a meal for this army. You just make all you can make at one time and hope for the best. Two nights ago we ran a little short when one of the pork loins had gone bad and the pulled pork didn't quite pull. We should have set up a chow line and portion controlled because oldest son and girlfriend woke up late for dinner and missed out on a lot of items.

Making enough Mac and Cheese has been challenging. We've made dinner three nights now and the boxes of Mac and Cheese have been, in order, 4,2 and finally the sweet spot of three. You would think that after four years we would have this down to a science but we learn a little something every year.

Last night I could have sworn we were going to run out of food because it seemed like the kids were picking people off the street to come and eat. There were a couple of new faces at dinner that I haven't seen since. Maybe they were homeless. Some of them were huge boys too. We had so many of them that last night I walked out on the beach to take some night photos and while walking back towards the boards, I passed some huge kid that I know had dinner at my house but did not acknowledge me heading to the beach with some cutie.

When I got back on the boards, our kids were there and I asked about the big kid. They said that he was at dinner and now went to the beach "to make a phone call". I'm guessing that's some sort of new euphemism for getting lucky because I saw plenty of people making phones on the boardwalk. Maybe it's a reception thing.

I think we are done with big meals for the week. From here on out, it's leftovers, Wawa and dinners out.

On Wednesday I discovered the farmers market and spent about $25 on glorious peaches, plums, corn on the cob and fixings for the tomato salad. We've been coming here for years and we never found this before? How can that be? One year we lived practically across the street. Maybe it's new?

The game didn't make it's debut until Tuesday for some reason but has since been a huge hit especially with the new guests. They must have loved it because 6 of them stayed up until dawn playing the game.Pinochle is another story and deserves it's very own blog with the great pinochle controversy of 2010. 

Beers ConsumedBeer consumption has reached normal levels again after peaking with a rather lenient college-aged policy which has since been rescinded. We're back to "don't ask, don't tell" or "not in my (rental) house". It was a little tense there as I found myself on Monday morning reconstructing 30 packs like a 747 that had been blown up over the Atlantic. I felt a little like Captain Queeg from The Caine Mutiny. The strawberries, that's where I had them.

Two days and Two nights left and we are already missing it.  Pictures here

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