Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hot Weekend.

Yesterday was spent with morning chores (food shopping and painting 3 of 5 brown outdoor chairs candy pink) and a Graduation Party of a good friend's son.

We came home exhausted but still awake enough to watch a few tivo'd episodes of our new favorite show, International House Hunters. The Chancellor has always like these HGTV house hunting shows but I am recent convert.

A couple of days ago we watched an episode on moving to Panama and we've been hooked on the idea ever since. I'm not sure it's something we would ever follow through on but it has replaced Arizona as the "when we retire to X" place in our daily conversation and dreams.

Panama looks cheap and warm and you can get places that look like this.

It's nothing serious yet just day dreaming when we get a free moment on the Internet, but it looks feasible if you get the right place.

The Chancellor work a half day yesterday and left at 7 am for a full day. I  started the morning with a 10 mile bike ride in the heat followed by a jump in the pool at 9 am. I had a nice quiet breakfast reading about how the US World Cup team should have done better followed by more chores (kitchen duty and laundry) and listening to the Phillies game while painting the remaining two chairs candy pink (I had run out of paint).

The boys played soccer in the heat and then came home and devoured everything in sight. 

Now it's time for steaks on the grill and later we'll watch True Blood.

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