Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bike riding in Philly.

Summer is officially here since I spent some time Friday night picking up towels from around the pool and Oldest Son is commuting back for weekends. Tensions are higher than those of the Israeli/Palestine blockade between the Parents and the Children as we discuss how to study for a high school final and what "out" on Saturday means.

On Friday Oldest Son and his friends went "out for ice cream" and he returned at 8 am the next day covered in magic marker. "Fell asleep first?" sufficed for "Good Morning".

There was drama Friday night as Youngest son broke it off with his Girlfriend of 9 months. I'm sure later in life he will regret breaking up with a double jointed girl who models but for now he just wants to hang out with boys. I liked it better when she was around as she was a much more stabilizing influence.

Technology at least allows we the Parents to say good bye to this person that we have had in our house for nearly a year. I wrote her a nice message on Facebook as did the Chancellor. We really liked her and the older I get, the more I am pro arranged marriage.  Let's face it, when you are 18 you are basically an idiot.

Oldest Son is looking for room mates for his apartment in Newark. He has an old friend in there for the summer but come fall we are on the hook for the whole rent. Needless to say, this make the Chancellor "uneasy". One idea floated has been a female exchange student from Ireland. Personally, I don't really care where she is from as long she pays in dollars.

Yesterday I up and took the bike over to Philly on a whim and rode the Fairmount Park trails along the Schuylkill River.  I rode from the Art Museum west towards King of Prussia and had to decide between the East or West River drives. I chose East.

I chose poorly because by time I crossed the East Falls bridge and turned the corner a cop was opening the road to car traffic so I had to turned around and head back down the trails on the East side of the river. By the time I got back to the Art Museum for a drink and rest, brides from all over Philly were showing up to take their wedding photos along the river.

Then some guy from the UK asked me for directions to 30th Station from there. I've lived in Philly all my life but of course have never tried to walk from the Art Museum to 30th St Station so I had to think about it. I had always gone by car so my first thought was cross the river and then make your way along the West bank of the river but what a mess that would be, walking along the rail yard and expressway.

Finally it occurred to me to STAY on this side of the river and cross at the station. It's funny how another persons perspective of a place you've lived in your whole life can be so different. As we were talking he looked over at Boat House row and asked if that was in the movie Trading Places.

I swear He thought Philly was the Paris of the mid-atlantic cities.

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bobbigraceo said...

Mike I can only say you life gets more interesting. I'm sure you never thought these things would ever happen to you. Isn't life a blast!!!