Sunday, June 06, 2010


I found a great site with a bunch of old ads and was amazed at how stupid some them were.

I just had to share.

According to Jon Stewart, the Gremlin Automobile was invented for two reasons:

1. To keep young males from procreating
2. So that the Pinto wouldn't feel so bad about itself.

If Jon's off brown '76 model kept the ladies away in droves just imagine how one with a Levi's interior did.  That's right, this "poor man's Pacer" came with an interior made to look like real Levi's Blue Jeans, complete with orange threading, buttons (where were those?) and a "Levi's" label.

All you need to go with this baby are some Spock ears and a "I brake for UFOs" bumper sticker and you'll be fighting the ladies off with a stick. 

See any chicks in the picture? I didn't think so.

You have to love the 12 whole month or 12,000 Mile warranty too.

Before I was the most interesting man in the world, I used to drive my car out into the desert and do peyote for entire weekends. One time I think I saw Jesus on the hill behind me.
Stay thirsty my friends.

So whatta say we have a couple of drinks and then go fix that flat on your bike?
Pass the screwdriver please, no silly the other screwdriver.

There is no way she brought that giant hat on that bus.

Maybe I'm missing something but why would anyone associate Che Guevara with timeliness? Was he known for being punctual?
Translation: My friend Fidel said he would meet me back in the jungle at 10 with reinforcements.Fidel? Are you there?

The perfect way to pick up hippy girls - Winnebago.
Couldn't you see this giant thing pulling up to the earth day rally and this guy in his tennis outfit wandering the crowd to play his part in the sexual revolution? Hey baby, wanna take a real slow ride?

Nunn Bush Shoes? Really? I couldn't think of a more out of context ad.
Nunn Bush: Bringing Sexy back.

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