Sunday, May 02, 2010

Scarlett Letter

Talk about irony.

Yesterday after returning from food shopping at 11:30 AM, I was informed by the Chancellor that both our cars now needed a Graduated Drivers License sticker on the car when ever Youngest son was behind the wheel.

The GDL was supposed to be on the cars starting today. It was a little late since Youngest son had already taken the car to go to the SATs. We were a little late. Again.

The ironic part was that now the DMV closes at noon at it was 20 minutes away so I'm not sure if this is was legislators had in mind when the bill passed but here I was driving like a mad man to get stickers that would warn the general driving public that a less than 17 YO was behind the wheel.

Talk about stupid. The stickers are something I could have made at home. They are literally a piece of red reflective tape with a sticky side and velcro in between. It cost me $4 for a pair and I needed two pair.

So here I was racing to the DMV to buy something I could make at home, that would warn drivers that a 17 YO was behind the wheel.  Well it would warn them if they had eye sight like the Bionic man. The stickers are 1/2 inch by 3/4 of an inch and are supposed to go on the upper left of the license plate of the car - only when Junior is behind the wheel. When I am behind the wheel, I am supposed to yank at the Velcro and put them aside (i.e. lose them forever) so that I am not mistakenly pulled over at 11:05 PM some evening.

This is brilliant. If you were 17 YO and found yourself out at say 11:10 and needed to drive home, what would you do? Leave the stupid sticker on the car so that a eagle-eyed cop might see it or rip the Velcro and put them in the glove box where daddy keeps them? Hmm.

The real irony is that I was at the DMV YESTERDAY in order to get my license renewed and could have bought the stickers then if I had known they were due the next day.

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