Monday, May 03, 2010


The Busy weekend started with a little civil war era dental surgery followed by a trip to the DMV. Could you think of a worse day?

The trip to the DMV was for a license renewal and after having a drill and pliers in my mouth all morning, I was dreading what the my new picture was going to look like as your face tends to look a wee bit puffy after that sort of thing. After filling up on Advil and waiting for almost two hours (oh, did I forget to mention it was hell day at the DMV? yes, the final day of the month) it was my time at the counter.

The state of New Jersey had mercy on me and allowed my old picture to be used. The DMV minion flashed my four year old picture and asked "was this ok"?

I nodded up and down and that was that.

Someone on facebook suggested the only way to have a worse day was to have a colonoscopy scheduled for the next day and having the "prep" ahead after the DMV.

Saturday was the annual powerwasher day. It starts simple, powerwashing the deck and then it's the EP Henry and then the car to clean up the mess the powerwashing of the EP Henry caused. Next thing you know it's dark and you are on the roof with the wand in your hand.

That's the way powerwashing goes. If I didn't run out of gas I would have powerwashed everything that wasn't nailed down.

Sunday was Church and then a $200 trip to Lowes for plants and sand to replace the sand that was blown out of the EP Henry with all the powerwashing.

Sunday night was the terrific Phillies game. 3 of us went in on 5 Sunday plan tickets because we wanted to get better at fractions. Last night it was the Mets in town. The games against the Mets are always a good time especially with pissy Mets fans in attendance.

I called an old friend because through the magic of fractions, I had two tickets to this game. I hadn't seen JD in 12 years but I called him out of the blue when the Chancellor and youngest son bailed on me.

The first thing JD and I did was to head off to brew line  and while there we witnessed the newest fad in Phillies fans: The young drunk girl.

This is my third Phils game this year and I've seen them everywhere. Two weeks ago it was drunk Margaret, singing into her hot dog:

Now the girls in the brew line wanted to know if this is the line for Rum. No, this would be the "brew" line and do you see any pirates?. Next she wanted to know if we would "like to buy some young ladies a drink".

We just laughed and thought this never happened to us 25 years ago. We also noted that girls that like the Phils 25 years ago weren't all that good looking.

Pics here.

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