Saturday, May 01, 2010

Manayunk Brew Pub Festival

Last weekend the Chancellor and I went to the Manayunk Pub Brew fest with a couple of friends. This is kind of funny since we aren't really beer people. Beer people know the differences between a lager and pale ale but to me they all sort of taste like mucilage with a hint of something like strawberry or  boysenberry. For us it was social event.

I'm sorry but I'm just an occasional Coors Light drinker, which I'm sure the brew fest people consider beer heresy.

The crowd was a younger set but not enough that we stuck out. As I looked around I could help but think they they have so much ahead of them like dental issues, major diseases and such. They have no idea and every day is a brew fest.

Later in the day we found a table were relaxing on the deck by the Schuylkill River and a waitress came around and asked if we wanted anything. The Chancellor was curious about a ribbon of pretzels she had around her neck and of course wanted to take a photo of it with her iPhone because that is what she does. She bent over and let her take a photo of the pretzels hanging at her low neck shirt.

Hers was a picture I would never be able to get away with.   It was shot like the St Pauli girl label, only with pretzels. This of course lead to numerous jokes about the size of her, um, pretzels.

The day was hot but cooled off as a cold front moved in. It seemingly went from 75 degrees to 60 in an hour. By time we got to the car it was raining.

From there we headed to the Chancellor's sisters for dinner and then off to see our niece in a High School production of "Crazy for You". The niece was in the chorus and looked great made all deck out in her 1930's garb.

It was a day with a lot of driving especially given that we took the little car so that we could park in Manayunk. By time we got home my right leg was asleep from driving the little Civic for an hour. There is another thing those young freshed faced Brew Fest attendees have to look forward to.

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