Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Tonight at 8 I was talking with Don. Don is a 6'5" Native American. Don was telling me that Sioux Lakota were getting rich off the largest oil deposit ever found outside of Saudi Arabia. Don was telling me the oil reserve stretches from North Dakota to Wyoming and is controlled by the Indians. President McKinley knew about the oil reserve and try to pay off the Indian people to buy the oil but Sitting Bull would have nothing to do with it. In the reservation 90 miles north of his each man received $700,000 in oil money. They are coming to his reservation next.  I tell Don this is the first I'm hearing of the Oil reserve.

Don's wife has one leg and her mother just passed away. Don is in the area to help his wife make arrangements. Don has South Dakota tags on his car and can't believe number of times he has been pulled over in Camden, NJ. The cops are pulling him over to find out who is and what he is doing there. They are warning him about Camden. Don says he heard gunshots on the way in.

Don is literally a big frigin' Indian who is afraid of Camden.

You really can't make this kind of stuff up.

I'm sitting in the emergency room waiting room of Virtua Hospital in Camden. I didn't expect to be here talking with Don.

Sometimes it's funny how things work out. I was talking with Don and hearing his story about Oil and Indians because I left my keys at work. I got to my car at 5:30 and realized my keys were still at work at the other end of a train ride.

Luckily I saw my bosses car still in the same parking lot where my car was. I was able to contact him and asked that he bring my coat with the keys in it. He said he could but I would have to wait for him to get there.

In the mean time, I learned that Youngest son had injured himself at a track meet a few miles from the train station. He spiked himself when he fell while pole vaulting. I learned that he wasn't hurt badly but it need to be looked at.

I would wait for my keys, pick up Youngest son and then meet the Chancellor at her hospital in Camden.

And that is how I met Don.

Pretty crazy night. 

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