Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weather and DST.

I'm still messed up from daylight savings time but I did find all the clocks and change this this year. There is typically that one clock that I find on Tuesday of the change week that I missed. I also usually miss the set back thermometers and wake up to a cold house on Monday morning but I remembered that this year.

Sunday was spent changing the Ni-Cad batteries and finding out that the rain gauge was blocked in the the weather station. No big deal, we only got 4 inches of rain over the last 4 days and I measured half that.If you own a weather station, this is pure hell. You wait for a giant storm like this to measure data and then the equipment is flaky. Horrible, just horrible.

I also finally updated the software for the web display on the weather station after that. it was only two full revisions behind.

Sunday night was spent ohming out RS-232 cables looking for the one that magical cable that would work with the power reboot switch that the firewall is now hooked up to.Up next, a perl script to reboot the firewall when it locks up.

Both the weather station and power reboot switch required C programs updated and I hadn't touched C in years.

It was amazing how much I forgot. It took an hour for me to recall how to pass a pointer into a string function. (String-String!)

While I was in my garage man-lair, the Chancellor stopped down to visit. No being a frequent visitor to the corner of the garage where I keep the computers and such, she was amazed at the crap I had down there. I was amazed actually. I didn't really see all the wires and stuff stacked like a mad-scientist's lab until see was pointing all out. Funny how you can be hat close to something and not really see for what it is.

Well, Lost is coming on a moment so I am off.

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