Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Family Slides: Christmas 1958

IMG_2296:Mikes First Christmas

Left to right: Cousin Richard's pompadour haircut, Uncle Rico (with Cigarette), Pop (Angelo Terranova), Great-Grandmom, My Maternal Grandfather.

A couple of things to note:
  • I had an Uncle Rico. Actually its Enrico (Henry in Italian) and he's my Grand Uncle. I guess after ten kids you start to run out of meaningful names. Uncle Rico is always mentioned at the same time as his older brother Willy as in "Willy and Rico". Willy and his ex-stripper wife are just beyond Rico, out of the shot. Willy deserves a blog of his own. 
  • My Great Grandfather looks like he belongs on a wine label. In fact, in the 70's my father found a brand of wine that had a label looked identical to this picture. I forget the brand. 
  • What the hell happened to that Turkey? Why is it black at the head end?
  • It's 3:40 PM according to Rico's watch. I'm guessing they already had the soup and fruit.
  • Are Rico's fingers really that yellow for nicotine or is that an artifact from color refraction?
  • There is a Schmidt's Beer.
  • My Grandfather is 4 years older in this picture than I am right now.
  • Everyone in this picture is deceased. 

The rest of the pictures from this roll of film are here.

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suburbanstories said...

Dad tells me it was Cribari wine:,734882