Saturday, February 20, 2010

Out kicking your coverage

The big melt is on. Forty something outside today and again tomorrow followed by rain. Gracious of the weather to have slowly melted the reservoir of over two inches of water equivalent rather than a deluge of warm rain that would have surely caused flooding. 

There is still a nice snow bank right outside the sliding glass doors for chilling beverages though.

Oldest son was came back for a visit on Thursday night. I'm pretty sure it wasn't to see us since I haven't seen him Thursday after dinner. Thank God for twitter.

Of course there was drama around his trip home.

I attempted to prevent the drama by asking a simple question "do you need us to pick you up?". He was coming in by train and the closest station is 30 minutes away. His answer? No my friend is picking me up at 8 or 9.

Then came the tweet about shortening his travel by cutting off an extra train ride with a bus through Newark and I knew this was not going to end well. He had out kicked his coverage. He called it an audible and asked the twitter universe if it could pick him up.

Sadly, it could not or was busy and so he called his mother.

His mother, the Chancellor,  jumped right into action and got in the van and realized she did not have type written directions explicitly telling her how to get to said train station. 

This has been an ongoing issue. Despite a GPS, an iPhone and healthy sized Internet connection, the Chancellor requires written direction. Preferably in large font. With a quill pen.

The Chancellor's offspring do not understand this at all.  They keep saying "just use your iPhone" and "why do you have an iPhone?" or "why can;t you use mapquest". She says it shows that we love her when we write out directions.

And now this was my problem. I was scolded "Why didn't you put the trains station  into the GPS?"
The answer? I did and then the Chancellor somehow reset the GPS to default factory conditions thereby wiping out the train station and all other favorites. She has that effect on technical things. It's like she has some sort of Electrical field surrounding her that contorts electronic devices into unintended positions. "I've never seen it do that before" is a common expression she hears from  help desk personnel where "it' may be the PC at work, the Cat-Scan machine or the GPS.

I have since backed up the favorites.

So there I was at stop light working the Blackberry to get the address of the train station, text that to the Chancellor and then call and give explicit instructions on how to enter the address into the magical device that talks to satellites and tells you how to get places.

Of course now Oldest Son had to wait at the train station.

He made it home safely but by now it was nearly 8 PM and the evening had been disrupted beyond repair.

This happens on nearly every unexpected trip home from college. He didn't call me from the train station because he knew I would told him "tough, plan better" and in the end that is what he told the Chancellor.

"You should have just said no, you couldn't pick me up".

Next time, we will unless there is a better plan.

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