Sunday, January 24, 2010

We meet the best people in Maggiano's

Today is the Chancellors birthday and last night Mr and Mrs C took us out to Maggiano's in Cherry Hill.

The Chancellor made reservations for Maggiano's on her new iPhone earlier in the week and it was one of those things I just knew was going to end badly. I just knew that making a reservation from you phone is bad idea when you can just pick up the phone and call the restaurant instead. Why add another layer of ambiguity?

I should have just picked up the phone and called the place.

When we were getting ready to leave for our alleged 6 PM reservation we decided to actually check the email from the iPhone program. It said the reservation was for 8 PM. Hmm. It's beginning to sound like the last time we eat there.

There is a two hour wait in our future.

We head in and start to stake out a place in the bar area. We slowly gather up real estate until we have 3 seats just off the bar. Neither of the girls have eaten and my wife was looking forward to a lemon drop martini which they can only seem to get right here at Maggiano's.

This is a recipe for either a lot of fun or disaster.

Then we met Clarence and Desiree. We just started talking with the people around the marble topped table and the next thing I know, I think we are going on vacation with our new friends. It just accelerated that fast. I'm not really sure what happened but Clarence thought the Chancellor was a riot. We all thought Clarence was a riot. We all just clicked.

It went from Hi I'm so and so to let's all take pictures together in less than the first 20 minutes of our two hour wait. Then the Chancellors vortex swept in the couple next to Clarence and Desiree and suddenly we had eight very loud people laughing and drawing the attention of the rest of the bar.

It was the friendship equivalent of drag racing or a shooting star. Zero to 60 in 2.4 Seconds.

While we were waiting and laughing, I told the story of the last time we were there and suddenly the table adjacent to us opened up and I jumped over there leaving Mr C in mid-sentence. I thought I had scored us a nice table, but found out that Maggiano's had changed to the rules. Now these tables were part of the wait list and not a free for all. I'm sure it had something to do with that witch that jumped into our table last time or a similar event. There had to be fist fights around those tables.

So it was back to the wait, but we really didn't care. We were really having a good time. For the life of me, I can't pin what happened down to anything I could write down here either. It wasn't like any particular item stood out as being really funny, it was just everything was.

The Chancellor and Mrs C cam out of the ladies room and ran into Desiree and all three thought it
was the funniest thing evvvv-ah. OK, It happens.

Clarence doesn't Google he makes others Google for him. Ok. But for some reason it was hysterical.

It was little things like that added up.

Eventually Clarence grabbed the Maitre d' and pointed out that we had been waiting for a long time for a table. The Maitre d' got us the very table I had been eyeing up earlier and we ate and laughed alongside our new friends.

It was difficult to explain, but we had a good time last night.

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