Saturday, December 19, 2009


It's snowing. It's winter and somehow this is news. Big news.

I woke at 6 and decided it was best to do the food shopping before the snow really hit. I was there as the Shoprite that used to be Stop-n-shop but was a Giant before that opened at 7. It was kind of a mad rush as people were just throwing things in carts and heading to check out as fast as they could. One guy had a entire shopping cart full of firewood and he was getting lunch meat. It was the kind of supermarket firewood that comes in the pre-packaged net bags and is perfect. It had to cost $1000 a cord. I didn't check what type of lunch meat it was. Planning is everything.

It was world record shopping pace at $205 in 50 minutes. I have no idea what I bought. I know what I didn't buy though, syrup. I heard about that when I got home and Shreck and his brother were makin' waffles.

After that was the crisis with the dog. The male doggie had a bit of surgery on Thursday on his paw and today was supposed to be his first visit back to the Vet to dress bandages. Now the snow was starting to come down pretty hard and it was a perilous trip skidding through intersections, spinning tires and fish tailing. I did better than the lady that pulled out of the Vet's parking lot onto the country crown road and drove off into the ditch. Me and the Vet's neighbor were helping her get out of the ditch in her two wheel drive Volvo and having a heck of time at it. Is the wheels were spinning she said "I knew I should have taken my Husbands Jeep."

Ya think? So given the choice, you took the comfort of the Volvo over the four wheel drive.
Great. We finally got her out when two good ol' boys who were out on a hunting trip pulled over and helped push her out.

We safely made it home by ten and by then it was really starting to come down. The minivan is safely back in the garage now. It'll be Monday before that things sees the road again.

We live on a cul de sac that my Township plows absolutely last.

My cars are parked in the snow configuration. This is a habit I've inherited from my Father. He has very strict rules about were the cars are to be parked with the threat of snow and now so do I.

The rest of the day has been about keeping up the shoveling and Beatles rockband.


Az723 said...

You can't leave us hanging... What are the rules about where the cars are supposed to be parked with the threat of snow???

suburbanstories said...

First, your best car goes in the garage if one is available. Next all cars go into the driveway bumper to bumper so as not a flake can fall between them and build up.

At no time are cars to remain on the street.

All such activities shall take place 24 hours prior to the first flake hitting the ground.