Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Siege, Day two

Day two of the great snowstorm siege of 2009.

We tag teamed periodic shoveling expeditions until 11:30 last night. It was still coming down heavy when we went to bed at midnight.

Oldest sons friend stopped by in the early in the evening and is now digging his Camry off the street before the plows make him a permanent fixture on the final Cul De Sac.

Questionable judgment wasn't limited to youth but perhaps it is to Camry onwers. On the final leg of the shoveling marathon I was shoveling the driveway when another Camry started making it's way down the final Cul De Sac. Surprise! it got stuck. From there is was a dance of going forward, backing up, shoveling out and pushing until they got out of the final Cul De Sac.

"Pete" told me they were going to a party when they got stuck. He said that and I turned and looked to the end of the street for wild activity. Except for Christmas lights there was nothing. Hmmm what kind of party was that going to be? That had to be one heck of a party, "Pete".

Now to one to the big dig.

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