Sunday, December 27, 2009

If the fates allow.

Another Christmas is in the books and this was a good one.

Christmas Eve was my mother-in-law's 80th birthday which we celebrated at the Melting Pot in King of Prussia. The boy's girlfriends went and my wife felt obligated to point out the parts of the Mall to the girls as if they were components of her home town (and here's the mall and over there is court).

She wasn't too happy when I pointed out the Mattress Giant. (What? I happen to like Mattress Giant).

The Melting Pot has a whole Robert Evans, seventies feel to it to me because of the whole fondue thing again. My parents went through a fondue fad in my teen aged years. Everyone gave fondue forks and pots for Christmas one year and we all sat around boiling oil with forks with meat on them in the boiling oil. Yep, nothing dangerous about that.

I felt like saying "I have many books bound in leather" or "That reminds me of the time Dyan Cannon and I shot smack with Soupy Sales, baby" all night.

At the Melting pot they use boiling broth, which I'm sure has something to do with the insurance coverage. For the second course they brought out the broth in a medivel looking contraption that both kept a tight seal on the broth and yet had a convenient carry handle.

I looked at it and thought, this thing has to have a name, right?

I asked the waiter and he told us it was a Rommulator and spelled it on the spot. I think he was making it up but the spelling of the word just made the whole thing seem legit. That is how Rommulator became the word of the night, ohh and "Happy Birthday, Fondue".

Christmas morning was at home with the boys. We had purchased suits for them this week and had them convinced that is what their big gift was going to be this year. My wife had put all the smaller gifts under the tree and after they opened all those sweaters, socks, hats and gloves, they thought Christmas was over.

My wife had put one more gift each under the auxiliary trees upstairs, which they found about a 1/2 hour later. They opened the large boxes only to find smaller boxes with iPhones in them.

It was quite a surprise and a hit. I was sure we had them convinced that iPhones were not in the plan and then here they were opening them. (Data plan? what? You need a data plan with those things? no way)

From there it was full press tech support for me. First move the sim and then transfer the addresses in the sim card, get them on the wifi network, open ssl imap on the outbound firewall.... it was never ending. On top of that I had accidentally erased the pictures from the Melting Pot on my SD card so I needed to find a utility to unerase them and put the finishing touches on my secret project. It was stressful.

I quickly discovered that people with iPhones go a little nuts when they first get them. It's as if they have to find an app for everything in their lives. I was first onto this when I caught youngest son rifling through the hall closet looking for Lord-knows-what using his "flashlight app" instead of simply turning on the light. Now my wife is downloading levels and coupon generators as if she is going to out in the garage and start some wood working project with her new level.

So another happy Christmas is in the books and now onto My sisters wedding on New Year's eve.

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