Saturday, November 14, 2009


We are just now ducking out from under a nasty Nor'easter that has been sitting on us for the past three days. No real damage here, 50 miles inland, but the requisite pictures of flooding in the shore towns are showing up. Not sure what the pictures mean since sometimes it looks like that after a summer shower but it sounds like they really did get some flooding and beach erosion.

The weather station didn't really record any thing of significance but it does look like the old rain gauge is sending us a message of some type here in this graph.

How do you tell if you obsessed with the weather? You don rain gear and a head lamp to check your rain gauge in the middle of a Nor'Easter. At night.

Ohh and then because you don't believe that you didn't receive any measurable rain overnight even though when you picked up the Newspaper it was dry, you check it again in the morning before work in work clothes. You never know, there might be something stuck in there.

Last week signs went up in the neighborhood that "Next week: Leaf Collection in this area". Youngest son and I raked the leaves to the front by the curb just in time for our Nor'Easter.

"They" never came to collect leaves.

Of course that only means that more have fallen now and that the once clean lawn is covered again with leaves. At least it's too wet to rake again.

A Nor'Easter is named that way because North East is the direction the winds come from. It wasn't until Ben Franklin that we figured out that these storms come from the South. Judging by the wind direction graph, one looked more 'Easter than Nor' but it's interesting (to me at least) that you can see the winds swing around from North to East back to north.

A few lingering showers today and then some sun tomorrow.

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